Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scrapbook Pictures and Guestbook Trees

The art bug has finally bitten me again.
This is a recent project.. I got the idea off of Etsy (I wish I could say that I thought of it myself!). It's called a Guestbook Thumbprint Tree. What I did was paint a tree with branches only.. instead of having just a regular guestbook, guest press their thumb on an ink pad and then place a thumb print as a leaf on the tree then they sign their name over it. After all guess have signed the tree will be "in full bloom" and it's a fun/different way to have a guestbook for the wedding. I can make these any size, with any color scheme, and can personalize to fit anything so as always, email me if you're interested (

Also, I recently made this for a nursery! I call these scrapbook photos! These can also be made to fit any color scheme, age, style, etc!

I hope that everyone has had a great summer thus far! August 6th is approaching fast and Tyler and I are SO very excited about the wedding! I have a couple of more projects in mind so I'll try to post results of these ideas before then!
Happy Summer!