Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm starting out with my brother and I... he is my rock and my best friend. This has nothing to do with art.. but he inspires me everyday. Love you Bo!
This picture is a duo painting with Kimmy and I.. She did the letters. I LOVE painting and using buttons. I think it just gives it that something quirky and extra.
This one was for my neighbors who are in this sorority.. I used flowers and white buttons on it. It was a fun painting to make and I always love painting greek stuff.
This is once again a tree painting... shocker. I used buttons (as usual) and it's one of my favorites. The symbol on the bottom left means "happiness."
This picture is always a favorite.. It's modeled after a picture I took in Africa. This one if for my Aunt Deb for Christmas!!
I call these scrapbook paintings... I've taken orders for names and other inspirational words. They always turn out really unique and cool.

This last painting is especially special. I made it for a dear, dear friend in memory of her daughter. It's extremely simple, but that's exactly how I planned it to be. Much love to you my dear....

In case you haven't noticed.. I have a thing for trees and buttons. It's just one of those things I guess...

Love to all!

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