Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's 2011?

Is it just me or does 2011 feel just like 2010? I can't complain really.
I have a few pics from here and there to post. My camera is MIA so please excuse the poor quality iPhone photos.
Over the holiday I made a few Christmas themed pieces but i'll wait until I find my camera to post those.
For now, here are pics of 3 recent projects. I wouldn't call them "normal" paintings for me but I had some weird creative juices over the break so I just went with them..

On a random note:
I recently purchased a bunch of Christmas decorating supplies. My plan is to decorate houses for people next holiday season. I did a few houses this year but stupidly didn't take pictures. I'm posting 2 pictures from my house that I decorated... all of the pieces I put together. This is my parents house and my mom is pretty traditional so this may be a tad demure for some folks but never fear.. I stocked up on the light blues, lime greens, pink, red, brown, maroon, golds, and others. So I will be able to create anything from an updated traditional tree to an all out modern tree/mantle/door hanging/etc. in any color and as "out there" as you'd like.
I realize it's January but I just wanted to put a bug in everyones ear. I'll post about this again come Sept. or Oct. with pics of the supplies I have.

Wreath I made for Barbie's door

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